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  1. [The notes following this message will be added to a forum topic soon as everything goes live. We're currently in a beta [pre-release] phase. Feel free to check back daily for updates!]
  2. [28 MAY 2020, 1.47 PM] Re-Finished the overall theme now. It has been proven through various educational and strict studies that dark themed websites can consume upper 20%s less power:
    • Consider then that number is roughly 13 which means 1 hour extra for every 3.
    • Also consider this link: https://www.canstarblue.com.au/electricity/hourly-cost-watching-television which gives the hourly cost (estimated) for using HDTVs.
    • You can take 13 off the pricehour off that...so real savings.
    • With all of that in mind we were hoping to incorporate a black/dark theme into the website. It was decided to allow member themes in the future with a more colorful and vibrant default theme (the background and various colors/styles used). Balancing the color chromas (saturation) with all the various greens, blues, and purples that we were hoping for started to clash towards the end so that will be back-burnered until we can get everything else in good working order. [6h 15m logged.]
  3. [27 MAY 2020, 3.32 PM] Finished the overall theme now.
  4. [27 MAY 2020, 12.43 PM] Instead of trying to do the newspaper theme and limiting our options for presentation and layout we're moving a "superhero console" theme. Think of being a Super Hero/Villain and using a console/interface for all your news and decision making. That's the new and lasting focus now.
  5. [21 MAY 2020, 4.51 PM] Took a step back and did some soul searching...with the idea of "should we be a familiar face of a typical forum/website layout or do our own thing?" We've decided to mix the overall newspaper theme with something that's visually appealing and have modified our tigerFrame to accomodate this. A lot of work [just under 20 total hours] went into deciding this final format...viewing other popular websites and their formats and ultimately deciding on something unique. This new format is being called our "story" format for articles and topic pages. Feel free to see an example here.
  6. [16 MAY 2020, 2.42 PM] We are now self hosting the webfonts; also, finalized more of the look and feel. Database is being worked on right now. Live soon [one or two days!]
  7. [15 MAY 2020, 7.47 PM] Logged 13 hours and 21 minutes today! But a lot of the major work is now done. With a few more upgrades and fixes the database will be locked in. Most of the framework is down on paper now. A whole lot of progress today. Created initial Project Management Portfolio in Libre Office.
  8. [9 MAY 2020, 1.45 PM] Small change of plans folks. Instead of being a "news feed" forum without any categories we will actually be housing categories. This changes things a bit but it helps the flow of information.
  9. [8 MAY 2020, 3.18 PM] Finalized the overall look and feel today. Sandboxing and testing the database server to ensure security for logged in members. Hopefully the full database and connections will be up by midnight Monday morning. Note: if the website or theme seems off to you such as items in the wrong place you may need to do a 'hard refresh'-- click CTRL [CMD on MacOS] + F5. This command forces a new clean connection which grabs all the newest or current resources/items and works across all the browsers.
  10. [6 MAY 2020, 6.12 PM] Still working on the front-end. Looking for employment right now because of the corona virus so I plan on installing the MariaDB when I have a more stable connection. Within a few days hopefully.
  11. [2 MAY 2020, 12.41 PM] Finished most of the front-end [visual work] to the tigerFrame now. Tomorrow, Sunday, I plan on starting up the database and getting that project underway. Right now using SQLite [textfile databases.]
  12. [1 MAY 2020, 11.36 AM] To go along with the website's theme/atmosphere the topic listing on our forum homepage is now an actual listing as you may find in a newspaper. The remainder of today will be used applying considerations on how to best approach this theme for the topic view page.
  13. [30 APR 2020, 3.28 PM] Today's work was mostly getting the topic view finished. You can also see a preview of the member-generated Groups feature [there will be a display limit of 3 Group Badges on the forum/topics] that will be viewable in Panels. Unfortunately not too much was done visually today most of it was back-end making sure Panels can incorporate all the various hooks ['features'] that we will need in this new community.
  14. [29 APR 2020, 7.54 PM] You can view what an example post will look like now by clicking the topic titles above.
  15. [29 APR 2020, 4.40 PM] We have a page up highlighting the goals [look and feel] of the tigerFrame here: Frequently Asked Questions.
  16. As we build a tigerFrame that works with legacy browsers as well as mobile, one small hindrance we can't seem to get around is web fonts. Please ensure you have the following fonts installed:
    1. Karma- For titles, headers, and the like.
    2. Fira Sans- The default font.
    3. Fira Code- For coding, notes, descriptions and 'technical' text.
    4. Laila- Our 'formal' font and may be sparingly used on the website, listed here for reference.
  17. When the framework is finished an easier option will be made available for the fonts.
  18. Currently contacting the 3 previous coding volunteers to see if they will help in this endeavor. This final change is the last for the forseeable future as all the code will have "hooks" into the framework so we can change based on member/guest requests!
  19. Links aren't working yet as we're building a new tigerFrame[work].
  20. I hope everyone stays calm and safe in these troubling times.
  21. I'm working to get the new server setup in the cloud and restarted soon.
  22. New forum will be anonymous with login capabilities.
  23. Neojade.