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iDesk: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

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  1. What is the layout of the FAQs?

    In order to keep FAQ #1 being #1 and not #13 [if we were to alphbaetize the list] we will be adding each new question and answer to the end of the current list. Remember you can always use your browsers' search function if you need to quickly navigate the page.
    [ Created by Neojade on 01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM ]

  2. What is the theme or atmosphere for the website?

    Imagine living in the 1920's in the U.S.A. You are at a train station wearing your favorite corduroy pants, a nice black felt oxford cap, your best shirt and reading the current newspaper. You're sitting on a wooden bench with your favorite morning beverage on a small stand next to you. It's a nice warm beverage as you wait to make a surprise visit to your lover who's been away on a job. The front page news is rather interesting today....
    [ Created by Neojade on 01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM ]

  3. How are we differentiating Members vs. Guests?

    "XID:"- 'Xeno ID:' = This will be used for registered members.
    "XG:"- 'Xeno [Guest]:' = This will be used for each guest poster.
    [Name]- All Members and Guests are able to change their Display Name as needed.
    [ Created by Neojade on 01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM ]

  4. What is the website built with?

    We are utilising the following technologies: MariaDB, PHP7, HTML4/5, tigerFrame [MVPi]. tigerFrame is an in-house MVPi implementation [a MVC/MVP hybrid system.] Also, we are using a 'Legacy-First + Mobile' approach as we are building thexeno.com from the ground up to be accessible on all legacy browsers from 2005 and beyond as well as mobile.
    [ Created by Neojade on 01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM ]

  5. Why the 'T.X.U' isn't it missing a period?

    We are using this as a form of a sigil or branding. It also helps to encapsulate the idea that the Xeno or 'the Stranger' is a central focus. While we strive to be an open community we also take note of the importance of Self while working towards a balance in all things. It's in the Flow of that balance--that is the ebb and flow of a Stranger's ability to change as needed where they truly shine.
    [ Created by Neojade on 01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM | Edited: 13 MAY 2020, 6.13 PM ]

  6. Why am I unable to click the post number in a topic?

    The post numbers are there to help search engines link directly to the post, aid in the flow of the topic, as well as to help the quoting feature.
    [ Created by Neojade on 01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM ]

  7. What are the globe icons and the words next to them?

    These are our member-created groups and can be viewed within the Panels. You can join up to 3 groups and represent one on the website and it becomes your "flair/rep(resentation)." You can flair/rep for any group at anytime that you are apart of.
    [ Created by Neojade on 01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM ]

  8. Why do so many FAQs have dates as of May 1st, 2020?

    The decision came at this time to better track and log our questions and answers and their current information. Previously they were only written without any frame of reference to time.
    [ Created by Neojade on 01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM ]

  9. Why does the date look weird throughout the website?

    We are using two different formats here:
    Formal- dd MMM YYYY, h.i A = "01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM"
    Casual- M d YYYY = "May 1st, 2020"
    This is a format we'll discuss in the future with more relevant information.
    [ Created by Neojade on 01 MAY 2020, 1.28 PM ]

  10. Why does my topic have a rating of "--"? It wasn't that bad!

    A rating of '--' means the topic hasn't been rated yet and this was the chosen 'default mode' to help with the column layout of the website theme.
    [ Created by Neojade on 08 MAY 2020, 4.43 PM ]

  11. Why do the "replies" number never seem to add up correctly?

    We made a decision to include the topic in its own database table and all the replies in another. This saves us 2 database "calls" (as we call them) and saves, over time, more and more resources that way. So while the "replies" may show "1" it's to remove any confusion if we had "0" replies yet showed 1 posting in the topic (the topic itself.) It doesn't effect any numbers anywhere, it's merely some visual fluff for guests and members. :)
    [ Created by Neojade on 13 MAY 2020, 06.10 PM ]

  12. Why don't we track views on topics? I want to make sure others are seeing what I write!

    We're sorry but the noise-to-fluff ratio is just too high to be tracking views. 1,000 scrapers or bots could be looking at one topic that has no meaning and was meant for just chit chats and another topic full of intention and promise that hasn't been hit by the bots yet could have only 15 views and so as humans we start to attribute a sort of internal rating system naturally. To avoid that rollercoaster of problems and help limit our database calls, we've decided to not track views.
    [ Created by Neojade on 13 MAY 2020, 06.57 PM ]

  13. I just got a message or email about TRT is 3 hours what does this mean?

    Our Total Response Time is the amount of time we allow CSMs (Customer Service Managers) to receive, respond to, and close a ticket. Exceptions are overrides that are allowed by Project Managers all to better serve Members and Guests.
    [ Created by Neojade on 15 MAY 2020, 07.57 PM ]

  14. How can Members and Guests influence the website and its' workings?

    Once we have 900 members in the Sanctuary we will open all policies and procedures (minus the tech parts--coding for website and such internals) to a Quarterly Review Session (QRS) where all Members will be able to vote on 3 items with 3 options each with a 4th option of "I don't mind/care on this." All line items on the entire Sanctuary website as well as all policies and procedures will be up for the voting process. The intention is to go like this: for the very first time to have a mock review to get everyone in the same mindset. Pull/query for 2 weeks the first item(s) for the next QRS and then implement them into QRS 1. The initial QRS, if we decide to list it, will be QRS-b (as in beta.) The original intention is for the QRS to be named as such: "QRS-1/2/3/4-2020" such as: "QRS-1-2020" and will be housed in two forms a public readable file (currently PDF seems the best option) as well as an in-house listing (SHF-Sanctuary Hosted File).
    [ Created by Neojade on 15 MAY 2020, 08.36 PM ]

  15. There are multiple descriptions listed here in reference to the website, which means what?

    Sanctuary- This is refering to all the things of the entire website. This includes all of our Members and Guests, the policies therein, the database, the forum, all of it in all aspects to include the server, load balancers and our cloud connection.

    thexeno.com/'the website'- This is refering to the physical (digital) website. All the coding, software, and hardware that makes up the domain. Does not include any of our intentions, Members and Guests.

    Forum(s)- This is refering either to the Sanctuary [Forum] itself [the greater collection of all the Categories] or the individual forums. Generally a "forum" has been used as a noun to descibe the entire collection/gathering of a place where people will post messages and interact and there's been two formats a "news reel" approach [single page forums] and a "dictionary" approach [each 'category' is its own seperate forum apart from each listing]. We decided forum categories were needed, which is not a new approach, but may need some clarification. We often call the forum here "the Sanctuary Forum" [notice the capital 'F'] and places like CCG are within this forum such as "The Chit Chats: General is a forum within the Sanctuary Forum." [Think of Sanctuary as the 'parent forum'].

    Forum List(ing)-This is the latest topic listing within the forum chosen--the first page when you click a forum category link.
    [ Created by Neojade on 15 MAY 2020, 08.56 PM ]

  16. I like the fonts that are displayed on the website here. Is there anyway I can transfer the look to other websites?

    Certainly. We recommend getting the Firefox web browser and then follow these steps:

    1. Click the 'hamburger/cheeseburger icon'- ☰.
    2. Navigate down to Preferences.
    3. Under the 'Language and Appearance' header click Advanced.
    4. Once you have the fonts installed you can apply these settings:
      • Serif: Kreon
      • Sans-Serif: Fira Sans
      • Monospace: Fira Code
    5. You may notice that some websites (that don't apply their own custom webfonts) will look a whole lot better than before!
    [ Created by Neojade on 15 MAY 2020, 08.56 PM ]
  17. Are there any requirements or ideals to associate with The Xeno or Sanctuary?

    Well, there is one kind of. We feel that the age of 16 should be the lower limit for deciding to join Sanctuary. It certainly depends on the person and since the desire or will is there this could be made an exception but it's generally accepted that 16 years of age is the minimum requirement. With all that being acknowledged we really have no other requirements. Everyone in the world could be a Xenan (member of The Xeno--a more 'active' approach to the group) or a xeno (member of Sanctuary--a more 'passive' approach to the group). There is no physical difference implied between the two there's only a differentiation there to give a frame of focus. With website members identifiying as a Xenan that ought to mean they are a member of The Xeno while being a "xeno" means they are a member of Sanctuary. More will be explained on this in the future.

    [ Created by Neojade on 28 MAY 2020, 04.10 PM ]