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This website is an anonymous forum (soon!) that seeks to provide free and open discussions. We discuss aliens, chemtrails, conspiracies, dreams, local news, politics, religion, and so much more. Stick around Xeno.

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Update Listing:

  1. WED 18 JUL 2018, 1147 AM (UTC-5): In addition to testing (only) against Firefox we're adding support for IE 8 & 9! Older computers won't be forgotten.
  2. THU 19 JUL 2018, 0431 AM (UTC-5): Successful upgrade to PHP 7 and MariaDB to help ensure security while keeping an anonymous forum. We may be able to get this done ahead of schedule. Many thanks to all the volunteers and 3rd-party support. Means a lot! ~Neofox
  3. THU 19 JUL 2018, 0425 PM (UTC-5): Would you like a custom sneak peak into what we're currently working on? Click here for an early-access preview (no links on preview working yet.)

Website undergoing transition to new physical location.

We've decided to merge the creation of The Fox Clan with The Xeno Forum so we have a new ETA.

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