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Welcome to the IPanel (Info Panel)

Notes * We have finished the first edition of The Guide for t3. While the t3 is a seperate entity they are the backers of The Xeno. To view The Guide:

      The Guide, r3.
      The Guide, r2.
      The Guide, r1.
* This website is a forum that seeks to provide free and open discussions. We discuss aliens, chemtrails, conspiracies, dreams, entertainment, life, local news, politics, purpose, religion, and so much more. Stick around Xeno. (This message will be moved to Info Panel as we work on coverting to our new framework.) SOON ™ ;-) * We've added support for IE 8 & 9 so that hopefully no one will be forgotten. Finished a template for the techMatrix (our list of standards and other things.) If you would like an early access preview to the current state of things click here. We want to remain as transparent as possible. * As always any comments, feedback, questions, and suggestions can be directed to our Help Desk at XenoHelpDesk at gmail dot com. In the future a full fledged Help Desk system will be implemented. Please note that with the increased work load for this transition process we can't guarantee the normal 24-hour turn around on any messages.

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The links will provide an excerpt for the Model, System, or Directive. It will also provide more detailed links for each topic.

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