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The Tiger Lexicon

Currently under construction.

  1. The Tiger Lexicon
    The nomenclature or naming hierachy for each line item is as follows: Chapter, Region, Branch, Section, Clause, Segment. An official listing would appear as [1-a-3.a-2-b]. That listing said phonetically (dashes are usually not spoken) would be "Chapter 1-a-3. Section a-2-b." When written it would read as: "As referenced in [1-a-3.a-2-b] it states '...'" The line item names other than 'Chapter' and 'Section' are rarely mentioned for example: [1-a] is 'Chapter 1-a' and [1-a-3.a-2] is 'Chapter 1-a-3 Section a-2.' A final current example would be: "The current use for Oswald font is found in [2-a-3] which states: 'Oswald shall be for all headers and titles.'"
    1. The Ladder of Preferences ("The Lopes")
      The Lopes is designed to give a preference list for Tigers to align our ideals and desires. As with all Orders and Disciplines (o/d) this preference listing may change only by order of the Tribunal.
      1. Of Body:
        1. Hair
          1. Short/Trimmed
          2. Bald/Clean Shaven
          3. Medium
          4. Long
      2. Of Intentions:
        1. Expressions
          1. Green
          2. Black
          3. White
          4. Indigo*
            * Indigo (our interpretation is a dark purple) is our accent color and can be used to accent anything desired.
        2. Orders and Disciplines
          The 6 Houses + Tribunal
          1. Sages
          2. Shaman
          3. Agents
          4. Directors
          5. Orion
          6. Alchemists
          7. Tribunal
        3. Chaos
      3. Of Mind:
        1. Placeholder.
    2. The Thought Experiment (TTE)
      The TTE is an attempt to give a newcomer an understanding of who we are and what our agenda and will is. After reading and visualing and understanding each topic one will hopefully get a clearer picture of who we are and what we represent.
      1. We hope to help and protect nature using technology and advanced techniques. Never to replace nature but to enhance it and protect it.
    3. The Tiger-MVI Model ("Tiger MVI"):
      For both display and print.
      1. The 3 fonts to be used are Cabin, Fira Mono, and Oswald.
        1. An easy link to download them is available via Google Fonts: download link.
        2. Cabin shall be for all 'body text' and the default for everything.
        3. Oswald shall be for all headers and titles.
        4. Fira Mono shall be for all coding and footers (online and print.)
    4. The Tiger Creed
      1. The Force is my guide and my ally.
      2. Through my Anima I protect the Earth, the Tribe, and Life itself.
      3. Enter the Tiger!
    5. The Tiger Creed (Explained)
      1. The Force is oftentimes referred to as Ashala.
      2. Anima is the Force activated through will or intention. We use Anima to protect All Great Things namely: the Earth (the Greater Foundations), the Tribe (the Greater Community), and Life (the Greater Purpose.)
      3. "Enter the Tiger!" is a two-part ideal. First it's a call to action for Tigers to be vigilant and mindful of your MTCs (morals, thoughts, conclusions--the internal "you") as well as to be mindful of the Tribe and your AWIs (actions, will, and intent--the external "you.")

This page is currently a work in progress. Now that most of our core ideals are laid out everything will slide nicely into place. The following part(s) of the page may change sporadically.

13 Reasons you should click this link.

  1. 1

    The Tiger Tribe (t/3, #tigert3) is an open sourced secret society. At the Sanctuary forum we like to discuss all topics here including fringe, conspiracy, truth, whatever. Developing everything in-house we utilize open source (or in-house) materials only. We're also developing a coding standard called Tiger-MVI that is a hybrid mix of OOP (Object Oriented Programming) with MV* models. On this website we use for production on a Xubuntu Linux machine using MariaDB for the database backend. We only test drive on FireFox right now since Google's Chrome/Chromium makes decisions for its' users.

  2. 2

    The Tribe is open to all. The Tribe is open to all with the idea that eventually everyone can become a Tiger. A morally "bad" person could still be a Tiger like a morally "good" person could be. We are essentially a Grey Jedi tradition with a curve towards Taoism and we're working to ensure the Greater Good.

  3. 3

    We're mindful of fact checking. The people who feed the hate machine and "fake news" hate us for this ideal. They want to share and spread misery so one day they can point, smile, and laugh at you and say "gotcha!" Hear this from us right now: "they're our enemy."

  4. 4

    We're big on free speech. No topic is considered taboo. That is not to say we condone or accept or allow any illegal behaviors...rather we hope to show from a rational mind or academic sense why something should not be done.

  5. 5

    We keep to our own here. As we build the Tribe we got each others' backs through the thick and thin. While viewing and chatting on Sanctuary everyone talks to each other how they would if they were in the same room. Some may curse, some may be overly positive, some may be unique in other ways. At the end of the day we're all strangers in this Strange Land.

  6. 6

    We're The Tiger Tribe. One day a person wakes up and thinks "am I being played? What's real? What's truth?" It's their subconscious trying its best as a last resort to "wake you up." Well you've now deal with it! Remember the Tribe (collectively, Tiger/s individually) will always welcome you into the fold. We know we're here, that we exist, and that's about it. What is "stuff?" What is matter? What are thoughts? What is the next life? Lastly we referr to ourselves as Tigers when we're referencing what we're not--Muggles ("Mugs, Muggs") those who some affectionately call "sheep" (the good or bland ones) or "goats" (the bad ones.)

  7. 7

    We're offering truth. People are looking for truth, answers, and purpose. Tigers and Mugs are generally looking for truth, answers, and purpose. Everyone is quick to reach the answer and proudly beat their chest and hold out the fruit of their work. "The Answer!" While those are noble goals Tigers must fact check. Consensus-Answers (CAs) are acceptable but they should never become a norm--unless they're required for a norm to exist.

  8. 8

    We're offering something more. As humanity is learning to grow and adapt on a massive scale the ideas of "what is good for you/me/them?" and spring-boarding ideas off one another are bringing out some massive self-realizations on a massive scale. Entire groups of people are realizing what makes them tick, function, move, just exactly how much society affects them. The Tribe would like to capitalize on that and allow the growth to continue. It's only through realization, growth, and future possibilities that we can better ourselves.

  9. 9

    We're offering something more to connect to. As humanity continues to grow we start to wonder how each of us affects one another...and since we've grown up in various religious socities and communities morality immediately gets attached to that and to all things. We've got an answer to that but it requires a bit more ... faith.

  10. 10

    To bring it full circle...we're offering a connection. As the world wakes the Tribe needs to lead and protect them. We need to help keep the growth coming and self-realizations. CHTs (Cold-Hard-Truths) such as portrayed in Science and Religion needs to go. "This equals that" is a mentality for the old ages and medieval times. Once we remove ourselves from the notion that "since this happened that must happen" we can allow for "since this happened all these other things can happen too!" Don't just connect one point to another...blossom and fold into other realms and possibilities.

  11. 11

    13 is a powerful number. Power Words (numbers included) get as much power as we give them. To nip that idea down a bit...consider this: in a sense acronyms get more precendence in our minds then other words do right? 'LOL' is laughing out loud but your mind looks and gives precendence to LOL over the 3 groups of letters "laughing out loud." OMG it's real right? LOL. You're woke, you ready to become a Tiger?

  12. 12

                              Intentionally left blank.                          

  13. 13

                              Intentionally left blank.                          

Please note the following "models" is an old system. We are now using only the following systems: The 13 Totems of Life, the 13 Corruptions of Evil, The Tiger Creed and The Ashala Way. This is being left as a reference and may be worked in the future.

Model: Of Models

  1. Model: Name and description. MoM or 1 of the 13 Models.
  2. Domain: Is it: person, place, thing, ideal, organization, order, discipline, law, rule, event.
  3. Host: Was there another person, place, thing, ideal, organization, Order, Discipline, law, rule, or Event that brought this to be entered. [For this entry only. Defaults to The Tribe.]
  4. System: Is it: a who, a what, a where, a when, a why.
  5. Item: Name or nomenclature of the entry. Use description for any other relevant information.
  6. Image: Any imagery needed. Included as by-line items and refered to each as such.
  7. Port: Is it to be grouped with other liked items? [For this entry only.] Use description for clarification.
  8. Packet: If it is actually a sub-item of another model or item list that Model or Item here. It would then be known as a Packet and not Model or Item.
  9. Notes: By-line notes on the item.

Model: 3 Expressions

  1. Domain: Discipline
    System: Ideal
    Item: Green
    1. The shade of green used for the Green Expression is Forest Green (our interpretation of #006909.)
    2. When worn it is usually expressed in the top-level garment (generally as a darker green shade.)
    3. Its' light variant is lime green generally with a shade of (#03C913.)
    4. There is also Anima Green which is generally a shade of (#006633.)
  2. Domain: Discipline
    System: Ideal
    Item: Black
    1. The shade of black used for the Black Expression is (#131313.)
    2. When worn it is usually expressed in the base-level garment and shades very all the way from black to white.
  3. Domain: Discipline
    System: Ideal
    Item: White
    1. The shade of white generally used for the White Expression is (#e9e9e9.)
    2. Our interpretation is a shade that is off white with just a hint of gray. When worn it is usually the undergarments.
  4. Domain: Discipline
    System: Ideal
    Item: Accent
    1. The accent color can be used as needed to accent the Expressions and it is the indigo color with the shade being (#330090.)
    2. Our interpretation is a bit darker than normal indigo colorations. When worn it is to be used an accent or accessory.