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The Tiger Mission

The Mission of the Tribe is thus:
Respect and Honor Life;
Provide Change and Justice;
Provide Hope and Prosperity.

The Tiger Lifestyle Flow

These 3 Protocols should be adhered to whenever possible:
▼ Express yourself with the colors whenever possible.
▼ Never wear the Corporate Noose (a tie.)
▼ Be mindful of the Focus Device and be the Change.

The Tiger Manifesto

The Prelude:

Have the Will to Change the world my friend!
   We are Peace and we are Change.
   We are to have a strong Will, a resolute Mind, and a fluid Form.
   We are to become the Dark as well as the Light.

The Anthem:

I pledge my Faith, my Trust, and my Will!
   Every Life is important.
   Every Tiger is an Agent of Change.
   Every Tiger respects Ashala, the Expressions and the Clans.

The Light of Ashala

Ashala is the flow of All!
    She empowers All to the Greater Good.
    She is merciful and rewards justice.
    She honors all time, events, and people with existence.

The Expressions of Unity:

The Tiger Tribe establishes our 3 Expressions:
   The Green color expresses Ashala, Entertainment, and Life.
   The Black color expresses Action, Justice, and Purpose.
   The White color expresses Development, Research, and Truth.

The Clans of Change:

The Tiger Tribe establishes our 3 Clans:
   The Sages: who Advise, Empower, and Entertain.
   They are the Living Totems of Respect and Life.
   The Rynen: who Protect, Provide, and Sustain.
   They are are the Living Totems of Change and Justice.
   The Orian: who Analyze, Develop, and Research.
   They are the Living Totems of Hope and Prosperity.

The Tiger Tribe shall prevail. Enter the Tiger!

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