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  1. Xeno HelpDesk

    Edited on: 19 AUG 2018, 0612 PM
    {Work in Progress} The Guide: Primer is available at: Hey folks. Everything is up and running. Working on adding more addons and getting things more fine tuned. Current to-do list: - Implement fancy text! Markdown or BBC doesn't really matter. Preference leaning towards BBC though.
  2. Neofox

    Edited on: 17 AUG 2018, 0319 PM
    This topic will be an alphabetical list format and additional replies may be needed for extra text as buffers.
  3. Neofox

    Edited on: 17 AUG 2018, 0843 PM
    Just got pinned functionality nice! Fixed reply edit bug.
  4. Neofox

    Also, the "IPanel" will be moved entirely to this thread and will cease to function soon.