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Testing the plumbing.

  1. Xeno HelpDesk

    Edited on: 13 AUG 2018, 1200 PM
    Just another quick test. Hopefully full site will be operational tomorrow! :-) Big thanks to all! Edit: Yay edits are working. :)
  2. Xeno HelpDesk

    Edited on: 17 AUG 2018, 0308 PM
    The final steps with the old FluxBB and PHPBB are underway. Keep in mind everyone can still participate in these new messages. =] :O
  3. Neofox

    Testing reply!
  4. Neofox

    Wahoo it's working. :O
  5. Neofox

    Wahoo it's working. :O 2nd update successful.
  6. Neofox

    Special characters are allowed. 'Testing'..."mic test..." `1` `2` `3`. /flex :) Still working on those blasted line returns. Edit: 2 hours later SUCCESS. :-)
  7. Neofox

    One more test. More bugs :)
  8. Neofox

    Can we get line returns yet? *crosses fingers*. Answer: nope.