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  1. Ace of Jade Post 1 • 26 Oct 2018, 01.51 pmEdited: 26 Oct 2018, 01.51 pm

    ☯ Current State of Affairs
    Good day folks! We're still looking at a Halloween launch event via Youtube. We did however lose 8 volunteers and now down just to myself and one other. As we were building something new I was really focusing on aligning the goals of everyone with t.x.s and t.f.r but...we were going back and forth internally over so many things that I had to make a decision and that decision is what follows: 1. The Xeno Society and The Fox Republic are two separate entities. Each are their own secret society. 2. The Xeno Society allows all to join with an open membership model whereas The Fox Republic requires prior t.x.s membership (a sort of "vetting" process.) 3. The Xeno Society is meant to remain fluid, a true open-source community/society with information and truth for all. 4. The Fox Republic is meant as a focused group working on ensuring The Greater Good. Have a good day folks and hopefully this gives you some insight on to what's going on behind the scenes. Neofox
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