From the ashes arise The Xeno and The Tribe

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    • 07 NOV 2018, 03.08 PM
    • 14 NOV 2018, 01.55 PM
    ▼ From the ashes arise The Xeno and The Tribe
    The Xeno (The Xeno Society) and The Tribe (The Tiger Tribe) are as of today, 07 NOV 2018, 03.00 PM (psst: that's DAT-LNG (date-long) format, a Society and Tribe notation) officially formed. This is a big for us. We're developing momentum behind the curtain as we hammer out the final nips and tucks to the Manual. This whole package started in Summer 2008 as an initiative to share information in an open-community environment ( with no individual forums or specific topics to lock you down--after an attempt to create a major forum for each topic) and later as Lake Xeno as we tried to develop a religious philosophy that would work for the Greater Good. Today all that hard work and dedication has paid off. The Xeno is formed as a Secret Society that is open source in nature with member status available to anyone just by claiming it. The Xeno allows for all walks of life as well as all forms of life and requires no oath or creed although they are welcome to follow the Ashala Way if they so choose. Welcome Xeno, you're home. The Tribe is formed as a Secret Society that adheres to a certain lifestyle. Through lore the idea of the Force was first established and The Tribe honors the Force in a Grey Jedism tradition called The Ashala Way or simply Ashala. Enter the Tiger, The Tribe shall prevail.
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    • 14 NOV 2018, 01.58 PM
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    ▼ From the ashes arise The Xeno and The Tribe
    We have the following date formats for both the Society and the Tribe: DAT-FRM (Date-Formal) Wed, 14 Nov 2018, 1.55 Pm DAT-LNG (Date-Long) 14 Nov 2018, 1.55 Pm DAT-REG (Date-Regular) 14 Nov 2018 DAT-TIM (Date-Time) 01.55 Pm Note that any capitalization is not part of the model and so can be used freely. tigerMatrix --> Folds into techMatrix (website) --> Folds into verseMatrix (world view) --> Folds into xenoMatrix (xeno & tiger Houses) tigerMatrix explanation: --- Model: Date System: Display (internet) Item: All Cap1: DAT (Date) Cap2: FRM (Formal), LNG (Long), REG (Regular), TIM (Time)