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The current plan moving forward

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  1. Ace of Jade Post 1 • 20 Feb 2019, 10.03 amEdited: 20 Feb 2019, 10.03 am

    ☯ The current plan moving forward
    This will return to an anonymous forum, Sanctuary. In the footer we will provide a link, "We offer a Path of Life if you wish, for more information: click here." That will be a link to the Tiger Lexicon since we're an open-sourced secret society of sorts I really don't want to push anything on anyone and ensure everyone comes of their own free will and volition. The index page will have 3 links: Sanctuary (the forum), the Lexicon (a database of all our ideals), and a more simpler version of an 'About Us.' Through our will and intentions we will make this world a better place! ~Jade
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  3. Ace of Jade Post 2 • 13 Mar 2019, 12.18 pm

    ▼ The current plan moving forward
    Working on a new mechanic: Persuasion. It will incorporate a numbering system based off posts, replies, vibes given, etc.