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Jade's Recommendations for Low Carb Dieting @ the workplace

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  1. Ace of Jade Post 1 • 11 Mar 2019, 05.29 amEdited: 11 Mar 2019, 05.46 am

    ☯ Jade's Recommendations for Low Carb Dieting @ the workplace
    I take 2 packets of the $1 boxes of drink powders to work with me. I have 1 on my first 15 and then 1 for my hour lunch. I have a 1 qt bottle from the gas station (originally had milk in it) that I use for each break. So right there I'm already ensuring I drink 2 quarts of water a day! Then for lunch and 2nd break (or maybe first if I didn't eat before work) I buy the small packets of lunch meat has like 8 thinly sliced for $1. I buy two of them. So figure in the beverages and meat...I spend about $10 a week for work food and have been in the "keto zone" for a couple months now doing it. Sometimes I'll change it up and bring in 4 hotdogs and 4 pieces of cheese and wrap each one in a piece of cheese after nuking them...depends on the day I guess. Hope this helps others, Jade. EDIT: Oh for the record I also take a gummy multivitamin daily to help even all the bodily needs out. Adds about $9 monthly. The bottle I get is from Walmart and has 60 chewies and recommended is 2 per day which is 10g net carbs a day. I still easily remain under 50g carbs per day.
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