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///     Work in progress: 'The Life Tao'

  1. 09 Oct 2019, 10.05 am|re: Work in progress: 'The Life Tao'

    I don't have too much to say right now but it's my next project. The idea is that it's a "religious lifestyle." I was hard-pressed on how exactly to define it but after a week's meditation (almost) solely on this very topic I decided this is probably the best approach. However, any Tiger can truncate it to just problem! It can maybe also be called "The Tiger Tao", "Tiger Taoism", or "T3 Tao" for our own purposes. The Animus Aspect: the underlying physical force that binds all material things. The Anima Aspect: the underlying mystical force that binds all magic, will, and intention. The Astral Aspect: the source of magic and also another realm or dimension. The Karma Aspect: the will and intention (through actions and intent) of both the Light and the Dark. The Serena Aspect: the life force of All. The Tao (Aspect): the connection of All. Incorporates all Aspects of the Force above.

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  2. 03 Nov 2019, 07.22 am|re: Work in progress: 'The Life Tao'

    Alright. I got an update. First draft going to be displayed on here as well as Google Docs via the Xeno Help Desk account. A link will be provided on here to both. Next Sunday 10 Nov 19. I got word that I needed to reword what I wrote a bunch! =] Thanks to the two professional writers on this. I just wrote from the head/heart and didn't think of the legalese. :)

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